Blogging isn't for me

I hate writing.

I have dozens of ideas and concepts that I want to explore every day. But hours in a day are precious, there's work, family, friends, house projects, *cough* gaming *cough*. And, well, I have a lot of trouble publishing words that I'm proud of as opposed to code.

I've amassed over the past few years a grand sum of 21 unpublished articles on various topics and various degrees of completeness. Ranging from tidbits of info on specific topics all the way to scientific white papers.

At the root of it all I guess there's one reason why I don't publish these. I'm afraid of being outed as a fraud- the infamous impostor syndrome.

I freeze at the notion that someone could look at my work and point out to me that what I'm presenting has already been documented under a different label, which I would've know had I got a University diploma (I only went to college). Maybe I misunderstood some critical aspect of a problem, or simply that my methodology is bad.

All of this is completely irrational when I think about it. I publish code daily for work or for open-source projects without a single afterthought. Is code just a magic barrier that keeps the gates of technology against impostors, that myself and other unconsciously assume that code literacy is a badge of recognition ?

Food for thoughts I guess.

All this to say, I do enjoy dropping quickfire messages. They open the room up for interpretation and  discussion. Accompanied by some code extracts, I think that might just be my blogging formula.


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