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What it means to be a backend developer

What it means to be a backend developer I see more and more flame wars on twitter regarding front VS back- and who's stack is the most complex. Not only does it annoy me beyond reason due do it's inherent pointlessness, it also pains me to see how backend is perceived at large. 80% of backend is CRUD. 🤷‍♂️ — A Cosmic Designer (@henryikoh_) June 25, 2020 Ignorance is thinking that you have it the hardest, or that a whole stack can be boiled down to a single pattern. If not CRUD, then what is backend ? Here's my definition: Backend is the management and enforcement of business rules, security and data at scale. Let's break it down. Management and enforcement of business rules Businesses evolve, sometimes faster than code is able to follow. Models and patterns that made sense a year ago may be completely irrelevant now.  Beyond that, you may want to segment your business rules based on regionality, A/B testing, client type (browser, mobile app, etc) and even network typ